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At the Law Offices of John R. Campbell, Attorney at Law, we understand that even if divorce is the right solution, child support and child custody can cause significant emotional and financial hardships. Alabama follows the best interest of the children standard when making decisions concerning support and custody.

Our legal team approaches each case with an eye toward litigation alternatives, including mediation and arbitration. We understand that these options can allow you to control the outcome of your situation versus taking your matter to court. As an experienced Huntsville child custody attorney, however, John R. Campbell also recognizes that certain situations may require court intervention to obtain the best possible results. He aggressively protects clients' rights at every stage of their case from negotiations to litigation and trial.

Custody and Parenting Times

Child custody in Alabama involves several parenting time options involving physical and legal custody. The general goal is for both parents to collaborate and create an agreement that is suitable to both parties, but especially the children. The courts will typically accept reasonable parenting schedules that consider all circumstances, including schools, work schedules, the children's ages and other factors.

However, parents often cannot agree on physical and legal custody. In contested cases, the courts designate one parent as the final authority for welfare decisions, including the children's education, medical treatment and religious education. The courts consider a wide range of factors when deciding on custody remedies.

When parties can't agree on physical custody arrangements, a judge will designate one parent to be the children's custodial parent — where the children will spend the majority of their time. The other parent retains visitation rights. In some situations, one parent can receive sole physical custody. No matter which custody arrangement is decided, most agreements include cost-of-sharing provisions, which split the costs of raising the children between both parents.

It is important to consult with a qualified lawyer, as each county follows different standard parenting time schedules. Before you or the other parent can relocate the children, certain legal duties have to be met. We have experience supporting move-aways, as well as protecting the rights of parents opposed to a move.

Child Support

Rule 32 in Alabama's rules of judicial administration outlines the formula used to calculate child support. Both parents can come together and agree on support, which can reduce the stress of litigation. However, if that is not possible, your situation will likely be governed by the state's support schedule. We have experience providing evidence to support deviations from the support schedule. We will review your situation to determine the best course of action.

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